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IMAG1945 [402444] (2)Howdy all, I actually wrote most of this back in September when I received it, but have been sitting on it til now on account of the youngling and general madness, but here we are now anyway.

IMAG1944 [402445]

Today we’re going to do something a little different. Here at Cool and Unusual Towers we’re all about the strange and fun, so when I heard about a subscription service that would mail you out new and used toys on a monthly basis I checked some unboxing videos on Youtube and then decided to jump on board for a month to see. There are other services that are similar out there such as LootCrate or NerdBlock, but being that this seems to be primarily toys caters more to my tastes.

The toys in the box are picked depending on the options chosen when you sign up, the website provides you with 100 different categories to chose from, pick the ones that interest you and the guy who runs it, I believe his name is Trevor, will hand pick your items and ship them out. The cost of this comes to $25 a month, if you’re in the US, then that includes the shipping as well.

Having checked out several videos I will be honest and say that they seem to be a mixed bag, being that some boxes have seemed much more awesome than others, but in saying that keep in mind that each box that I’ve seen opened has been tailored to the tastes of the person who has subscribed to the service, boxes that look like duds to me may be awesome to the person that ordered them.

I’m doing my own unboxing here now, I’m just going to pluck out each item and show them off as they come out of the box. I don’t know what’s in it as of this writing, but we’ll all know by the end of the post. I won’t know what some of these are, so I’ll post what they are following some research in italics. Lets jump in!

IMAG1946 [402443]

Item 1:

A cute little Chewabacca figure. He’s very nicely detailed, with 4 PoA, He’s about 3″ tall, not a bad start at all 🙂 He’ll do nicely as a curio. This figure is Chewabacca from the Star Wars Galactic Heroes line, he came from a set called ar Wars Galactic Heroes Endor Celebration Set.

2015-12-21 20.06.31

Item 2:

We have a Toy Biz Human Torch from the early 90s. He’s pretty cool, he’s missing some pieces, but there’s enough there to play with. He has some holes on his back and in his right hand, looks like it might be part of some kind of action gimmick. This guy is Fireball Flinging Action Human Torch from the Marvel Superheroes line, not the Fantastic Four toy line linked to the cartoon as I had thought. Missing his missiles, but in good shape overall.

2015-12-21 20.05.41

Item 3:

A Joker! Nice, I am quite pleased by this. He’s a nice simple figure, no springs or gimmicks on his body. Stands well, the colouring makes me think he’s a repaint of the figure. This figure comes from The Dark Knight movie toy series, the name for this particular Joker is Destructo-Case The Joker. He’s missing a nice and over sized suitcase packed full of spring loaded tricks. This was a more kidified version of the movie character.

2015-12-21 20.04.20

Item 4:

Awesome, I got myself a Cobra Commander, I didn’t have this one either which is sweet. He comes from the nu-sculpt era, which we rarely see around anymore, but he doesn’t really suffer from the goofy proportions of that era too much. Coming to us from the Valor Vs Venom line we have Cobra Commander v17.

2015-12-21 20.10.12

Item 5:

Simply labeled Star Wars figure, I think we may have hit the pick of the box, I love robot figures and this one I’ve never seen before, he’s awesome. This figure is a Star Wars Assassin Droid from a Star Wars Legacy comic two pack that included Anakin Skywalker as well in 2008.

2015-12-21 20.08.24

Item 6:

Got myself a Sand Trooper, sweet. I’m a little disappointed he didn’t come with a shoulder paldron, but that’s ok, the figure itself is cool. This figure comes from the Star Wars Saga Collection.

2015-12-21 20.09.17

Item 7:

A tiny little Halo Mega Bloks Grunt, I’m not sure that’s the right name for him, I’ll check it later. This is handy as I’ve built up a little collection of mini figures over the past few months and don’t have any of his type. There are a ton of variations of this figure, so I still can’t tell if he was blind bagged or came in a boxset of some description, still cool, if a touch small.

2015-12-21 20.07.29

Item 8:

A carded Star Trek figure, namely a nameless Ferengi. This is a nice inclusion in the set, while it’s a bummer that the plastic bubble is so yellow, it’s great that the card itself is unpunched and has never been hung on a peg, cool beans.

2015-12-21 20.10.57

This was my first month using this subscription and in all honesty while I like the service, there are maybe 3 figures that will find a home in my collection permanently. This is down to the scale of the figures I collect, so the extra curios, which are cool, aren’t really my thing. Typically I collect 3 3/4″ figures almost exclusively so you can probably guess which ones I’ll hold onto based on that. The box cost me $25 and that includes the shipping, which is a very good price if I got 7-10 items I wanted to keep, but a lot of the value feels lost when it comes to those that I’m not so interested in. I’m going to try this subscription for another month or two, I’ve been in touch to update my themes and hopefully my suggestions have been taken on board. We’ll see, if I can get this tailored to my tastes this would be a favorite for me easily. As I type I have received an email to tell me that my second box is on the way, time will tell.

Should this be of interest to you, you can get your own subscription through the site linked below;
Your Toy Box

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4 Responses to Your Toy Box – New and used toy subscription service

  1. Tony says:

    I think you made out,Derek.The carded ferengi evens things out a bit and could be a good starting point If you ever wanted to pursue more Star Trek figures.The Torch would display well on the old vintage toy shelf and the Star Wars were a nice addition with all the “Force Awakens” craze that’s been going around. Oh,and C.C. Is always a kick ass figure,regardless of what get up he’s sporting.

    • Orniphus says:

      You’re right, I am being very nitpicky about it, but knowing my collection I’d have more use for some pieces more than others. The Star Wars droid is the pick of the litter for me out of it and I’m very glad to have him, best part was I never knew he existed. I’m signed up for a couple more months and hope for the best with it, when the next box comes in I’ll do a better job of getting the contents posted quickly.

  2. John Gaither says:

    I read about this Box not too long ago but i have been on the fence with trying it out but i still might in the new year…I like the ideal of random action figures showing up in my mail box once a month.

    • Orniphus says:

      It certainly caters to my tastes over other boxes I have seen to date, maybe the Big Ol Box of Stuff service would be a close second. I’m going to give it a go for a few more months and see what comes in. I really want it to be worth it for me. And what could be better than a box of random toys showing up on the doorstep once a month.

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