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After a long drive across country, a longer bus trip to the airport and 2 flights, myself and my wife have made it to the States to visit her family and tend to our baby shower with her friends. A day like that is not one to fill a person with hope for the universe, especially when the person sitting in front of you on the plane decides to lower their chair onto your lap for 8 hours, but that one’s my fault for being tall. After a very long day travelling I had an instant smile on my face when I found a trade package had arrived earlier that day to be enjoyed as soon as the bags were put down. Prior to flying out here Tony at actionfiguretactics and I had worked out a trade deal and the gentleman that he is, he shipped first. I’ll be hitting the post office in a couple of days once the baby stuff and friends are dealt with to send part of what’s owed to him as one of the items and some extras didn’t make it into the bags on one of the many repacks made on the run up to the flights, but I’ll get that sorted when we get home. The contents were great and I really appreciate that he went to the effort of sending them first so that I’d have something to play around with once we got here.

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2 figures were agreed on, Stalker and Iron Man, they’re very nice, I love the Stalker especially, I see parts shared with the Pursuit of Cobra Trooper figure, which is awesome and I’ve seen them put on a good few figures. I loved the original Stalker and this fella is an awesome update staying true to him while looking very modern. Iron Man is very cool, moves extremely well and puts a lot of the other Iron Men available at the moment to shame.

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Wonderful guy that he is, Tony also threw in some extras. I’ve been really interested in the Elite Forces figures that are sold through Target and he sent me on some to check out, which is great as it informed me of their quality before I went out and put down money on them. These are very nice figures for the price and I’ve since gone out and bought a couple more.

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Another extra and I think my favorite of the lot is Nightfox, he comes with a slew of accessories among which is a pair of golden pistols, can’t knock that. The base I know I’ve seen on the PoC Duke, but I prefer how it looks for this figure. I’ll need some time to play around with all of the pieces he came with. Plus he’s of latino descent and I’m all for my Joes being from diverse backgrounds. Where’s my Irish Joe Hasbro?

Many thanks Tony, it was great to have these to play around with when I got in the door. Faith in humanity restored after a long long day. And for anyone who hasn’t, go to Action Figure Tactics right now, don’t even finish this sentence because it’s holding you up.

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6 Responses to Trade with Action Figure Tactics!

  1. Tony says:

    Stalker’s looking sharp as ever,D!I’m glad It got there In one piece and just In time,lol!Don’t sweat the other half of the trade ,man.It’s all good.I’m not sweating it 😉

    • Orniphus says:

      Thanks Tony, I’ve sobered up now after a heavy weekend upon landing and will be at the post office in the morning to sort out your package. I’m still going to sort out the Baroness when I get home though 😛

  2. hobgoblin238 says:


  3. John gaither says:

    Tony is great! been a friend with and trading with him for years now. : )

    • Orniphus says:

      Yup, have to agree with you John. Thanks to both of you taking the time to comment here for almost every rambling post I put up since I started out, I can only say you’re both decent chaps 🙂

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