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headerSo last Wednesday morning started with waking to one of the first heavy snows we’ve seen this year here in Ohio, so it was spent in the great American pastime of shoveling the driveway. After some brief, but intense labour I’d cleared the drive and footpath, I was ready for the postman. The week before, Tony of Toy-Break contacted me to tell me he had sent me a package with some figures for me to play with, he only told me that a package was sent, with no indication of what was in it, I love a surprise. Well I’ll tell you, my interest was piqued. So dear reader understand that enabling the mailman access this morning was of paramount importance. The box arrived safely and the contents were glorious.

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First up we have Air Raid and the Sky Sweeper. These items are both repaints, Air Raid is a FrankenDuke assembled from movie and Resolute figures. The flight suit is very well detailed and the different coloured hair works to make him a different character than the Duke his parts are sourced from. I already have one of this guy, but was hoping to pick up another for a custom.

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The vehicle is a redeco and slight retool of the original Cobra Firebat flying for the Joes, It’s a great one man ship and I’m delighted to have it. I was very close to placing a bid on this recently, so thanks very much for this Tony. It’s a movie vehicle, so it’s been pimped out with spring loaded launchers, these can be removed, but I don’t mind them. The biggest change to the vintage mold has to be the large intakes sitting on the wing, they really add to the size and look. Keeping the functionality of the original the wings still fold up. The seat holds the figure snuggly. All in all it’s a very cool little vehicle.

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Next up we have Hawk from a comic 2 pack which included a cartoon coloured version of Scarlet, this figure gives us a look at Hawk as he was in his original release when he was a Colonel on the Joe team before his general days. He comes in a very close approximation of his first uniform being that he shares his mold with Snake Eyes and Stalker as he did in 82. Also included is the Snow Job rifle which served as the default weapon for the Joes in the Sunbow cartoons, very cool. I really like this version of Hawk as it reminds me of how badass he was in the comics when there were only the original 13 Joes.

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Having not had any Reaction figures before it was nice to find that 2 from that line were included, namely Predator and Snake Pliskin, these guys are cool and will find a spot in my shelf, it’s nice to have representations of both at 3 3/4″. Their articulation and styling are minimal, but that’s the point with this line, I’ve been tempted to pick up some of them to see for myself if they’d find a home on my shelves and while I don’t see myself going crazy on the line, I might just pick up one or two as characters come along that appeal to me.

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It’s always nice to have neat diorama pieces and Tony came through for me, he included in the box a cool section of wall with guns that can be mounted to, this will do well for displaying my figures and making the action that more exciting. I’m always on the look out for this sort of thing. I don’t know the origin of this piece, maybe Tony can tell us in the comments?

2016-02-21 22.44.06 2016-02-21 22.45.16

2016-02-21 22.46.50

One of many figures I’ve been really close to buying in the past is the RoC version of Flash, I was very happy to find this guy included, his detail is great, the accessories are solid. I love that he uses string to connect the weapon to him rather than the hoses of the past. The design captures that 5 minutes in the future style very well. The armor provides a well insulated look to the figure. In terms of weapons he includes his laser rifle, a rifle and the obligatory spring loaded rocket launcher.

2016-02-21 22.51.10

2016-02-21 22.52.48

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This last figure may have been the most special to me and little would Tony know that I’ve wanted this guy for some time. My earliest memories of Christmas are of getting a Joe (or Action Force as we called it) vehicle and a couple of figures each year. One of those years I found a Warthog under the tree along with 2 or 3 figures, among them was Tiger Force Duke, it was a great Christmas with my family when we were still small and one I remember fondly. This figure has been on my radar for some time, but I never pulled the trigger, but now thanks to my friend I don’t have to. Being away from home is hard sometimes and reminders of happy simpler times there are very welcome, so thank you very much for this, it made my day to get him, especially as a gift which my first one had been too, I hope that he will likewise be a source of happy memories for me.

2016-02-21 23.04.13

And that’s it, Tony did me a solid on this set of figures, each and every item is a winner and I’m glad to add them to my collection. He’s a great guy and has a cool blog that he frequently updates, far more often than I get around to things. Go visit him at Toy Break and see the cool stuff he has in his collection.

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5 Responses to Trade Package from Toy-Break

  1. Tony says:

    I’m glad you liked everything!Holy crap on the Duke fig,had no idea,lol 🙂 My first Duke as a kid was Tiger Force,too.The original version of Duke was a little before my time so I never got to add one to my childhood collection.The brick wall prop was from a Lanard CORPS set I bought years ago.Lanard Is notorious for adding great little extras like that in their playsets.That last group shot Is awesome!Predator and Snake fit right in ;)Great pics A+ A +

    • Orniphus says:

      Thanks sir. It’s a real challenge to take decent pictures at all these days, I’m set up in the basement of the house presently and there’s next to no light so it’s hard to take decent shots, but I do what I can. Cool on the wall, it looks like a piece Lanard would make alright, I like their stuff, I have a few items of theirs like generators and such, so this will fit well with them. Thanks again for the great package, it made my day.

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