Trade Package from Toy-Break Part 2

2016-03-20 22.21.54 (2)Well this was unexpected, quickly following from our last trade Tony over at Toy-Break (which everyone should go and check out) sent me an email asking if I was interested in an action figure trade. Dealing with him is always a pleasure, so I was happy to partake. You’ll see posts on what he got from me over at his joint, so go check it out. As for what came in the mail for me he was good enough to send me on 4 Joes I am happy to add to my collection.

2016-03-20 22.14.12

First we have Kim Arashikage who starred in the GI Joe Retaliation move, while I have this figure already, I’m always happy to pick up another female body and will find a use for her as a custom. She comes with a bunch of great weapons that will enable me to arm up my growing army of red ninjas. Ideas are already forming on what to do with her.

2016-03-20 22.17.12As I said my Red Ninja army is growing slowly, this guy is a welcome addition to them, he comes with his two swords and part of the gimmick weapon he was packed with, but I’ll stick to the 2 swords. This is a great sculpt and I’m happy to have more of him. The best part of these figures is that they can serve as either Arashikage for the Joes or the Hand when mixed with Marvel figures.

2016-03-20 22.19.44This one I didn’t have, the Red Fang Ninja from the Rise of Cobra line, he’s a nice mish mash of parts from that era, from the Cobra paratrooper head, the Neo-Viper body, ninja harness that came with Stormshadow previously and nice set of swords. The original came with a pair of goggles, unfortunately Tony couldn’t locate these, but to my knowledge these were the same as came with the Low-Light figure and even if they weren’t they’re close enough, so I was able to complete him. My plans for this dude are that I might reuse the body to make a Neo-Viper commander and spread his accessories out to arm any ninjas I have that are lacking. A good figure that will serve to fatten out my ranks.

2016-03-20 22.09.35Finally we come to one hell of a figure, the PoC Duke Hauser, he’s sharp and near future military. His armaments are pretty awesome with huge twin machine guns (I think) hanging off his shoulders, with a rifle and hand held missle launcher in case the guns on his back aren’t quite enough. This figure will join my growing horde of Dukes, I really like him, the figures sculpt is sharp, I like the new head and the armor that goes over his shirt. The articulation in his arms works quite well and he has no troubles holding his rifle in both hands. Top marks.

2016-03-20 22.03.36

Tops marks all around as ever for completing another good trade with Toy-Break. Thank you sir and I’m sure there’ll be another post on the same topic at some point down the road again. In the mean time, folks, go to Tony’s site.

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4 Responses to Trade Package from Toy-Break Part 2

  1. Tony says:

    That Duke was a personal fav,but I just didn’t have anywhere to display him.I figured you might like the ninja themed trade. Glad you liked everything,D ;)I’ll be going through my stuff again this weekend to see what I might be getting rid of.I’ll definitely be letting you know .BTW-I have the card backs to Red Fang and Duke If you want them.

    • Orniphus says:

      Ah yeah, it’s all good stuff sir. If you have the cards, hold onto them until the next trade and put them in if you can. No panic if you can’t though. I know I told you about something I grabbed last week you’d like, well my friend I was at a toy show yesterday and I picked up another piece I’m pretty sure you’ll like, so let me know when you have your list.

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