Trade Package from Toy-Break Part 15 ;)

headerWelcome to the blog where we post the snazzy items our good friend Tony over at Toy-Break often sends to Coolandunusual towers. A quick scan of this site’s front page will show that we’ve made several trades over the past couple of months and it’s been a lot of fun to receive toys in the mail, really though, when is it not?2016-03-28 22.04.18

First up we have the 25th rendition of Snake Eyes, a figure grounded in his commando roots. This is a modern version of the first ever SE from way back in 82, I’m very happy to have him.2016-03-28 22.19.02 2016-03-28 22.20.47 2016-03-28 22.21.35

Tony was good enough to include a couple of extra accessories for him, including the rifle and hammer pictured below, I don’t know about you guys, but I love having more pieces to mix it up every now and then.2016-03-28 22.22.38 2016-03-28 22.23.38

Next up we have another member of the OG 13 in the form of Breaker, he’s very cool, I like the gear he comes with a lot, the backpack and headset are very cool, it is missing a faux piece of gum, but I don’t mind at all. He’s a communications officer and I’m happy to have a figure with a different specialty to fill out my ranks. It’s also nice to have another figure to fill out the OG 13 line up. A couple things against him though, his head is massive and he has the dread Duke forearms that plagued the 25th line at the beginning, but those are details that make him more interesting for me ultimately.2016-03-28 22.25.28 2016-03-28 22.26.24 2016-03-28 22.27.21 2016-03-28 22.28.29

Finally Tony was good enough to include a bag of bits and bobs for filling a diorama and for making some customs. Among the pieces was a Retaliation Snake Eyes figure, I’ll use him for a custom and was actually debating finding one for one I have in mind, so I’ve been saved that effort. Also there’s a cool Han Solo jacket which I’ve already got some plans for. A cool imposing gun, a Spartan helmet of unknown origin that will be fun to find a use for. The goggles I’m not sure what they’re from, but I’ll make use of them. The chain I’m not sure of, I’m pretty sure I saw it on Tony’s blog before though. And finally the capped head from Rise of Cobra will find a home on a custom figure, though I might just pop it on a Duke figure from that line I have laying around. All of this stuff will have a use found for it in little projects I undertake.2016-03-28 22.33.27

All the recent trades have been a lot of fun, so many figures went both ways that there was no way to do it in one round. Toy-Break┬áis a fun site to visit and as he describes himself we have very similar tastes when it comes to toys, so it’s always a safe bet trading with him and I look forward to doing it again in the future. Cheers sir!2016-03-28 22.30.16

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4 Responses to Trade Package from Toy-Break Part 15 ;)

  1. Tony says:

    The hammer,goggles and black and grey rifle belong to POC Shock Trooper.The goggles are designed to fit over a helmet.That chain Is pretty cool and you can use It as a shackle for prisoners.The Spartan helmet’s from an Indiana Jones relic box and the cannon Is actually from a dollar Tree set that I picked up a while back. The figure sucked but the cannon was pretty impressive.Hope you can use everything,D!

    • Orniphus says:

      Awesome, thanks for clarifying sir, I’ll put the Shock Trooper weapons to good use. The Spartan helmet looks like it would fit on a 6″ figure, so I might try a custom on one of those. The gun I’ve seen around and was tempted by, but never bit on, glad to have it now. I’ll find a use for everything for sure.

      • Tony says:

        Also,the spartan helmet goes good with 3 3/4 Hulk figures,If you wanted to make a gladiator styled Hulk.I once outfitted my 3 3/4 gamma smash Hulk with the spartan helmet ,a He-Man 200x harness and axe.He looked pretty damn good.

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