Superhero Showdown – Superquick Rundown

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In 2005 Toybiz better known for their 5 and 6 inch efforts released their first series of 3 3/4” action figures. Rolled out as highly articulated gaming pieces they were packages with cards, battle stands and spring loaded weapons. For me the figures and the stands were keepers the rest have since faded into the obscure depths of my storage bins… somewhere.

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Consider the year that these were released, we were in the middle of the new sculpt era with GI Joe and things like ab crunchs and swivel wrists were not very common. These were great figures for their time and most of them still hold up very well today and look very good

At the moment I have 4 of these guys, but can’t seem to find the Human Torch, but don’t just take my word for it Tony from Action Figure Tactics! covered him here.

First we have the Hulk, he’s very highly articulated, with a great wild expression and amazing paint complete with a hand with moving fingers.

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Ghostrider is very nice, his headsculpt is aces.

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Wolverine here is my favourite of the bunch, he’s by far the best and most poseable figure of this character that I own, putting to shame the Hasbro ones I have collected so far, though that’s not a huge number. Again the paint here is great and really pushes it over the edge making the offerings from other companies feel a little bit flat.

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All said that is not to say that these figures are perfect, ball sockets often fall out, Hulk can fall apart at the waist, Ghostriders left knee pad was the wrong way up when I got him and his shoulder cracked coming out of the package which was a really downer. Most of these issues were solvable with hot water and glue but it meant that I put down one of these figures for a year before I decided to see if he was worth saving.

These were 3 3/4” versions of Toybizs 6” figure style and articulation and were a bit ahead of their time. There were 2 series of these figures released and they didn’t seem to make much of a splash, which is a shame as they were good quality for the most part. We’ve had Marvel Universe and Marvel Infinite since and these fit in well with them.

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And their stands were awesome, though I struggle to see what use it was for Hulk.

There are a couple of very good reviews out there of the other figures in this line, if you’re interested in them at all they cover more figures and in better detail than this brief look.

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5 Responses to Superhero Showdown – Superquick Rundown

    • Orniphus says:

      I do in hindsight, I was focused on the larger figures at the time and missed out I feel, hunting them now when I can spot them at a reasonable price.

  1. Tony says:

    I love that Showdown Hulk figure.Seeing him next to the Avengers Assemble Hulk makes me like mine less lol!That Is a really nice Hulk!

    • Orniphus says:

      The Hulk is a really good figure and he’s got pros and cons next to the Avengers Assemble Hulk, I like them both. Marvel Universe Hulks seem to have left them both behind though in recent years for Savage Hulk options.

  2. hobgoblin238 says:

    I should have gotten these when they came out. I just never saw myself collecting 3.75 ever again at that time.

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