Star Wars Rebels: The Phantom Attack Shuttle

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While browsing the aisles in Tesco looking for a quick action figure fix I happened upon this Star Wars shuttle, I’m much of a Star Wars fan, I mean I like the movies, I have a figure or two, but I’m not too invested. Looking forward to the new movie though. I’m always on the look out for a cool vehicle that can be used for other lines and Star Wars make some really cool ones, I love the less iconic ones, they make for vehicles I can look at without immediately thinking about an evil Empire and the Force. This vehicles design was taken from the new Star Wars Rebels cartoon which is a thing at the moment I believe.

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So this one looks about as aerodynamic as a brick, I don’t care, I can regress my mind to 4 years old again and pretend it’ll take off, using a combination of makeupism and idontcareology it’s clearly capable of escaping orbit from a sitting position, science schmience 😛

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Not a big thing, but always cool with me is a see through canopy, the pilot is visible through it, I’m easily entertained.

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So we’ll get into features here, firstly there are wings that can be deployed from the side folding out nicely and nestled into the wind and under the nose cones cannons can be deployed to get into a decent scrap by pushing them out. It looks pretty cool deployed like this. Once opened up there’s some nice engine detail there, the grey of the engine makes a nice contrast against the white of the ship. They fold back neatly into position held in by clips. No springs or anything involved in it, nice and tidy.

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So what’s under the hood? We have space for 2 figures, one in the cockpit and another in the back. There is some really nice molded detail here, it’s very poor when you open up a cockpit and there’s nothing there.

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2015-01-20 21.34.31This is where this toy galls down, the seating, the cockpit is too narrow for most figures and the back seat has nothing to hold it in there other than hope. But get a figure with narrow shoulders and they fit in there quite snug, but the figure I had in mind for this is a bit broader than can be accomodated, I’ll figure something out for it I’m sure, but it definitely reduces the potential.

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Overall I’m quite pleased with the vehicle, it’s fun looking, probably a bit bland for some, but I can get into it. I am a bit put off by the narrow seating, but such is life. There is some amazing detail on it though. If I were to do anything else differently with it I’d apply a wash to bring the details to life. Suspend disbelief and you too could have a brick with a cockpit.

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Oh and as the box describes in no less than 4 languages it comes with a FIRING MISSLE LAUNCHER!! Try not to lose your mind over that excitement.

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Pew! Pew! Pew!

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6 Responses to Star Wars Rebels: The Phantom Attack Shuttle

  1. John gaither says:

    It has potential to have been pretty cool and some are really going to like this toy but it’s just lacking for me there is just so much more that could of been done in my personal opinion …great review on this one my friend.

    • Orniphus says:

      Thanks John and I agree for the most part, I see the flaws and can over look them. But I’m typically very forgiving. The detail is there in the mold, some washes may have helped to bring them out a bit more. Also when the wings are folded in I get the sense that it’s unfinished in some way. But it’s a mid sized toy from Hasbro, I wouldn’t go holding my breath for greatness.

  2. Tony says:

    It ain’t bad.The fact that It’s a space ship Is a plus.Space ships kick more ass than any planes on this planet.I think a couple of decals here and there would have made It pop a little more.I remember back In the 80’s , any toy that had to do with space got the mandatory silver foil decals,lol. Those were the dayz!

    • Orniphus says:

      There was a sheet of stickers included with the vehicle, but I couldn’t bring myself to apply them, there weren’t enough to make it look less bare and didn’t have any detail on them. Plus I have a tendency to want to eventually repaint these pieces and don’t fancy scrapping the glue off, not that I’ll ever get around to it. Spaceships are the best lol.

  3. hobgoblin238 says:

    I tell ya it looks like the old Buck Rogers ship by Mego years ago. Like a prototype of it or something. It looks so dang retro to me.

    • Orniphus says:

      That’s the primary reason I was dragged in. I haven’t seen the show that this is designed for, so I don’t have any association with what it should be. Buck Rogers would look at home around this thing. It has a kind of retro vibe off it for sure, something I wish I could get from most of my toys. Now to find a figure that can fit in it.

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