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Good day folks, well the in-laws have departed back to the States and hopefully things can return to normal around these here parts.

Today we’re taking a look at Arctic Destro from the Pursuit of Cobra line, but in this case it’s not the retail version but a production sample that is ever so slightly different from the retail version that came out.

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James McCullen known to you and me as Destro is an arms dealer with ties to the Cobra terrorist organisation, the CEO of MARS Industries and the leader of the Iron Grenadiers. This version isn’t quite that guy that we grew up with though, this is based on the Destro we saw in the Rise of Cobra movie played by Christopher Eccleston who I knew before as the Doctor in the first season of the Doctor Who reboot back in 2005. Oddly in the movie he didn’t have the mask on him until the very end, but all of his toys were made with it in the metal mask, with the exception of a SDCC exclusive that featured him unmasked.

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When we moved towards the 30th anniversary line and POC a lot of the figures released became most excellent, sporting great sculpts and awesome accessories. To begin with the figure sports a heavy hooded jacket with matching sleeves, under this jacket his torso has a wonderful armoured appearance, I love it. The deal is sealed with a pair of baggy pants and some nice looking boots, this figure is practical. His head is the Christopher Eccleston Destro which I have always felt the details on were a little bit soft. I believe this figure base has been used a couple of times since for other figures, most recently the Toxo-Vipers from the Joe Con exclusive set, a great choice.

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Paint is a serious highlight on this figure, Hasbro went above and beyond in trying to make this feel like an arctic trooper without dressing him all in white and grey… for once. There is quite a bit of colour here and it’s all pretty weathered in with the skillful use of paint. The red used on his sleeves and across his jacket is a lovely dark hue that I am very much enjoying, The rest of his colours are far more muted being a nice mix of brown and black. What brings it home is the white spray across him simulating snow on his clothes and head, very nice effect, I’m usually not a fan of this type of application, but it does work in this instance.

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Articulation is exactly what you’d expect from a GI Joe figure from this period, great! He has free range of movement and can pull off just about any pose other Joes are capable of, the only one that I would consider missing is the ankle rocker, but that’s really being picky.

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Accessories? Well he has quite a few cool little things going for him here. First we have his clear goggles, they’re a tight fit, but they look great over his eyes. The jacket is removable as well. He comes with a large back pack to serve as a tank for water for his water squirting action feature. it has some great detail. Theres a gun that attaches to the back pack and another pistol to mess you up with. Most interestingly though he comes with 2 pieces of faux ice that can be used to make it seem as though his weapon is icing over and a piece that can be put on his victims.

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This is a preproduction sample so there are a couple of small differences between this and the retail version (there may be more but these are the one’s I found when I checked);

– The retail versions eye’s are a bright green

– The sample has Cobra insignias on the jacket absent on the retail release

– Two pieces of ice digging equipment were included with the retail version

– The sample’s hose has trouble connecting to the gun it’s to be paired with

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I am very pleased with this figure. I picked him up on Ebay for a song and I’ve seen many sellers still list him for a great price, worth picking up for sure. Though lets be honest though how often do we reach for arctic troopers, so his uses may be a bit limited by his environment specific garb. Also please forgive some of the blurry pictures as I took them in a bit of haste.

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7 Responses to Production Sample POC Arctic Threat Destro

  1. Tony says:

    The only Destro in my collection is the vintage 80’s version but that’s about it. You don’t know how many times I almost snagged this guy up on eBay but opted not to because I need a more, universal Destro .I’d like to pick up a 25th Ann. original or Iron Grenadier. I’m trying not to pull the trigger on the bland ROC version.

    • Orniphus says:

      Oh yeah, if you want a definitive Destro this is not your boy, but a quick head swap and he can be a totally new character. The Destro coming up in the 50th assortment through Toys’R’Us does indeed look like a go to modern version.

  2. hobgoblin238 says:

    I can’t believe I am in Mexico when all of this GI Joe goodness started coming out. I missed it all.

    • Orniphus says:

      I hear ya Hobby, it’s pretty much a spectator sport for me from Ireland too, the only modern Joes we got were the first wave of Joes from the first live action movie back in 09, since then there’s been nothing like them on the shelves here. I find Ebay and the Chinese sellers a great resource for getting some cool stuff though.

  3. john gaither says:

    I rather like his look all stripped down its kind of cool.

    • Orniphus says:

      His body armour is really nice, it was used for the last Joe Con exclusive set for their Toxo-Vipers, swap out the head and he’s a whole new character.

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