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Back in the bygone days of yore, about 4 or so years ago in your or my terms Hasbro toyed with the idea of creating a new line of figures and vehicles using retooled and repainted GI Joes. From this they created a number of prototypes of some very cool looking figures. But as with many a good thing in life it wasn’t to be, the idea was scrapped and the prototypes were just pretty pictures for the most part. Out of this though there was one figure who it would appear made it as far as to have a sample run produced to check that there aren’t any heavily recurring QC issues for when the toy enters a full production run. Production samples are usually meant to be destroyed but evidently they’re really easy to sneak out of the factory instead.

2014-05-21 22.17.19

The figures build is 100% recycled parts, sporting a Channing Tatum Duke head with 25th Roadblock’s body, the head sits well on the shoulders and doesn’t look too small. The vest is a bit of a bother though, I don’t think this is an issue with just this figure, owing to where it clasps it doesn’t fit straight on his torso, it kind of drifts to his left side and looks a bit strange. The figure’s articulation is as good as any other Joe out there and he strikes a nice pose. Being based on Roadblock he is quite a bit taller than your general Joe and casts an imposing shadow.

2014-05-21 22.18.16

The figure is cast in a bronze skin tone with dark trousers and boots, the web gear is cast in a light green with the Jurassic Park logo printed on it. The figures belt has been left the same colour as his flesh. The Mauri tattoo is really nice, it’s got some great detail and is very sharp. The overall scheme is quite simple but comes together nicely.

2014-05-21 22.16.48

For accessories he comes with a fun and functional compliment. First we have a heavy machine gun originally paired with Roadblock which he can hold with ease. I could do with help on identifying the other two items, one looks like a pic/shovel and is a great option for a blunt instrument, the other is a bomb, maybe he’s going fishing 🙂

2014-05-21 22.20.41

This figure doesn’t represent any named character, his development didn’t get quite that far, my guess is that he was meant to be a poacher on the hunt for some dinos. But the toy will work just as well in the background for any GI Joe or Cobra force, he’s a blank slate that you project your own character on.

2014-05-21 22.21.06

This figure made it’s way onto Ebay at about $60 a pop initally, silly money for 4 inches of plastic. The figure can be found on ebay now for less than $10 including shipping there and seems quite common, for the moment anyway I wouldn’t imagine they’ll be there forever but it’s a great price to pick up something a little bit different for the collection.

2014-05-21 22.24.41

Hasbro did eventually release two Jurassic Park dinosaurs with GI Joe based figure moulds through Toys”R”Us as an exclusive and they look quite nice if you ever spot them.

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4 Responses to Production Sample Jurassic Park Action Figure

  1. john gaither says:

    Toys R’ Us actually has Jurassic Park toys again and some of the action figures that come with the Dinos are “re-pops” of some Joe figures while others are not which i thought was kind of cool.

    • Orniphus says:

      I saw them when I was last in the States, I hope they’ll be there next time I visit my in-laws, they look great.

  2. hobgoblin238 says:

    Me wanty my Jurassic Park figures again! RE release them Hasbro!

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