Pretender Starscream Custom PT2

Evening all, tonight I’m revisiting my modifications on my custom Pretender Starscream, for the squeamish look away now as toys are torn up and put back together rather poorly in the name of giving me a giggle.

IMAG0859 IMAG0853

When we last saw our hero(villain) I had modified the head and assembled the Gundam model kit, I wasn’t feeling the arms though as the original toy had much more rounded and human like arms, whole I don’t think I could achieve that look exactly I searched for a closer approximation to it. The arms that were originally going to serve the purpose came with the kit, but they were far far too boxy. Instead I took the arms from an unsuspecting Iron Man I had at the time, with some creative cutting I managed to get them to pop in quite nicely. With a little putty for spikes his proportions seemed a better fit. I also made a couple of changes to his chest to flatten it out and sit a bit more flush, it came out a bit rough though, but I’m a fan of warm lighting and soft focus, so who knows, maybe I got away with it.


For the smaller inner robot I found a small Legends Class Starscream that was perfect for the job being that he was a based on the original toy. You can see him below painted up for this project. There’s no way to get him to fit inside the bigger figure, so I opted to have him attach at the back via a plug, I also made a smaller backpack that would simulate Starscreams wings alone, saving on his joint as having a whole figure plugged in there all the time could cause him to fall back in time.


Next is paint.


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2 Responses to Pretender Starscream Custom PT2

  1. jboypacman says:

    This is going to be too sweet.

    • Orniphus says:

      Thanks very much man, I’ll post another update in a couple of days to show how it’s coming along.

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