Pretender Starscream Custom PT1

So one of the many things I enjoy are toys and while this usually lends itself to the collecting of these things, I also enjoy taking them apart and putting them together again to resemble other toys, either ones I had or wanted as a chap, or characters I have developed that I would like to see a toy made of.

So behold… Starscream, the opportunistic Decepticon we all know and love from Hasbro’s Transformers. First introduced to him in 1984 he became one of the lines most iconic characters which lead them to spawn endless new toys of various new and exciting incarnations. There was one in particular that had always sparked my interest, this version of him hailed from the much derided subset of “Pretenders”, a line that had the transforming robot toys hide in organic humanoid shells so that they could further disguise themselves. These toys appeared in the late 80s towards the end of the toy lines so called “Generation 1” of toys, the ideas were starting to run out by this stage. It must have been that I was the right age at the time, but these toys have always fascinated me.

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Classic Pretender Toy

With this character in mind I set out to create a modern toy with the tools I had at hand at the time. In this case I had a small Starscream toy, a Gundam model kit and an Iron Man, all of which would be cut and combined to create the character above, or at least a close approximation. So to start here is a shot of the earliest stages of this project, when I was just starting out trying to make him take shape.

awkward shoulders

First step

Once I had this part of him put together, namely the Gundam kit I was free to see what adjustments needed to be made to make this appear more like the original, while being true to myself at the same time and not being a complete slave to the original design.

in yo face!

The helmet

With the addition of some putty and the face from some knock off dwarf viking I found in the poundshop I was already pretty happy with how his had was shaping up. I’ll leave it at that for now, next time you’ll see how the project took shape as I tried to create a decent homage.

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