Power Lords: Adam Power and Neutron Blast Lord Power

HeaderIn 1983 Revell launched a line of science fiction inspired action figures. It was a line where each toy had it’s own gimmick. The line was designed by a chap called Wayne Barlowe, who made a book that some people enjoyed called Barlowe’s Guide To Extraterrestrials. Before I heard the announcement of acquisition of the rights for this property by Four Horsemen Studios this franchise was unknown to me. I had really wanted to pick them up, but had never thought to take the jump, then John at Robot Monster Space Superhero picked up a couple of figures from the classic line and that pushed me into action.

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Four Horsemen Studios released these figures online in 2013. One could get Adam Power and Lord Power as separate figures and one of the aliens called Ggripptogg. They’re in the 4″ scale, so as soon as they were announced I wanted them. As new recolours are released on their store they quickly sell out, but thankfully the standard colours can be gotten easily from there even now. Adam Power here is in his classic colours, while Lord Power is in a translucent green variant available at the time I ordered them.

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The colour of these figures are striking, they are vibrant and fun, the orange plastic of Adam really pops and it’s a beautiful matte plastic that really sells it. The highlighted blue and red areas do a great job of raising the details from the figure. The sculpts are really good, I love the subtlety of his muscles under the suit without making him totally ripped, the lines going from  top to bottom give some great texture, the cleanness and simplicity of the whole thing just makes me happy in a sea of black suited action figures we see in our modern times. It’s quite refreshing. The head sculpts are fantastic, he has a great expression and check out Adam’s hair in the photo’s, the man is sporting a fine mane. The quality of the paint applications is also pretty amazing, everything is applied cleanly. Lord Power is in a lovely clear plastic that light travels through really well, though it makes it harder to see the details of the torso, but it gets by on coolness. I have to say that these figures came out of the package with no need for tweeking at all, by that I mean there were no fused or warped joints which seems to be an issue with mass retails toys these days.

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Another good thing with these figures is that they also came with additional heads, so that if you bought multiple you could put the helmets on and they became instant army builders, or if you prefer they’re the characters with some sort of sealed breather mask on. They look great and they didn’t skimp on the paint for them either. I love that since they’re helmeted they’re obviously all set to jump out into space and brave the vaccum, coz they’ve helmets, perfect.

2015-04-18 13.49.29

Articulation is very good, save for one complaint, they went to a lot of effort to make the toys poseable, but couldn’t work around the T-hips on this round, it doesn’t kill it for me, but it does really limit what they can do. Being honest though I don’t mind it at all, they are very playable and more importantly feel sturdy in hand. Just if they had some sort of ball joint in there that could have freed up the legs a bit I’d have been on these when they came out. But I expect that’s the price they had to pay to accommodate their Glyos compatibility gimmick.

2015-04-18 13.58.43

Each Power Lord figure has been built with customisation in mind, making use of the Glyos building system from Onell Design. Each figure can be broken down at each joint and reassembled with parts from other figures, leading to hours of fun. I only have 2 of these figures, but had a great time swapping out parts. The parts pop out and back in quite easily and fit snuggly, after doing this a couple of times there doesn’t seem to have been any damage to the plastic.

2015-04-18 14.48.25 2015-04-18 14.56.08I’ve mixed the two up in the pictures as much as possible to show that they really can change their look by swapping their parts around, I get a Bionic Six vibe from the figures done up like this. They scale great with other 1:18 lines as well. If I had a broader variety of these figures I imagine the customisations could get a bit more out there.

2015-04-18 15.17.23 2015-04-18 15.24.01 2015-04-18 15.24.23

Lord Powers green plastic is actually a perfect match for the green constructs that came with the Green Lantern action figures, so instant added play value.

2015-04-18 16.14.43

These figures hark back to simpler times in terms of design and execution, they have a great classic look that reminds me of old shows and movies like The Black Hole and Buck Rogers, they’re the perfect crew for the Star Wars vehicle I looked at recently as they fit that generic sci-fi feel that I’m fond of. I don’t know anything about the fiction and don’t really plan to look into it, but these are great to project my own character on as they head off on their own intergalactic adventures. Four Horsemen Design seem to have lost some steam on this line at the moment though, but they did announce that there would be a new Kickstarter later in the year to release more molds and figures, I cannot wait to see what’s coming down. I’m very tempted to look for some of the classic Revell monstors, they look great and would probably work very well here.

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4 Responses to Power Lords: Adam Power and Neutron Blast Lord Power

  1. John gaither says:

    Am glad see you are dipping into the world of Power Lords and i like the fact the new versions of these use the Glyos system which i think all modern action figures should use.

    • Orniphus says:

      Thanks John, it’s my first example of a toy with the Glyos joints, it works very well. I’m looking around now for other lines that use the same plastics for a set to join them up with, One of the Roboforce figures from Toyfinity seems to match it, they’re all produced in the same factory I believe, so the plastic match on colour and quality is dead on. They’re fun, I love the retro vibe in the design and the solid construction. Thinking vintage on monsters, but any old space trash will do me to pit them against.

  2. Tony says:

    I’ve been thinking about snagging up a vintage Powerlords figure.

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