Pop-A-Part Robots from Polyfect

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Howdy all. As much as I love my Hasbro and Mattel figures I pick up among others I have a burning passion for the oddball pieces one would find at the bottom of bargain bins and dollar stores. I really love it when I find generic toys in my preferred scale. They’re a canvas to put my own characterizations on, it’s kind of the same buzz I get when I get video game character toys, being that I’m not a gamer I get to make them into anything I want in the great mish mash that is my own little sci-fi toy universe.2016-01-17 17.19.06Such is our┬ásubject today. While wandering the aisles of Tuesday Morning here in OH I happened upon 3 pack of generic robots distributed by a company named Polyfect. To my knowledge Polyfect are the company that distribute those KO Transformer combiner sets that always seem to turn up on the run up to the Christmas holidays. These sets cost $5.99 each for 3 robots, I picked up 3 sets.2016-01-25 21.29.342016-01-25 21.29.58The Pop-A-Part robots are made up of 3 different molds in a variety of different colours. I’ve got red, blue, black, navy and orange. But there are other colours out there as well, I’ve seen a green one online too. The paint itself on them is quite poor, but you get what you pay for here. The molding is sharp enough for $2 per figure with good detail all over the figures and these will look great with a repaint to raise the details, once I’m done fooling around with them I hope to get on that. There is some flash on these toys that needs to be removed as well.2016-01-21 21.23.552016-01-21 21.26.202016-01-21 21.27.52In terms of articulation there is a solid 5 points here. Truthfully though there are more than that, it’s just that 5 of the points work much better than the others at the hips at the shoulders and the head. The other points are slightly hampered by not having enough clearance to bend an elbow or knee convincingly, if you want to add them all up though there’s 11 points here. They move as well as I’d expect and it’s enough for me for now. I’m toying with the thought of modifying them a bit to improve this, but that’s down the road yet.2016-01-25 21.40.31Each figure comes in at around 4″, so I can see these having a place in my collection easily.
2016-01-25 21.04.012016-01-25 21.11.43These are the Pop-A-Part robots, as suggested in the name the idea is that these figures can be taken apart and have their parts swapped around. Each figure is composed of 14 individual parts that can be used to make some interesting colour combinations. I’m sure someone with a bit more imagination could go further with the concept to make some funky bots. Sadly as I was moving the parts around for this one of the pegs on the feet cracked, I was able to get it back in place, but I’ll be much more ginger with them going forward.2016-01-17 17.19.322016-01-21 21.28.29What I’m really loving on top of the aesthetic is that these robots are compatible with other brands of similarly themed cheap robots. The figure above was made from a combination of Pop-A-Part robots, MARS Heroes and Hasbro’s Beywarriors. The mix of designs and styles makes for a unique and interesting figure.2016-01-25 21.23.052016-01-25 21.26.38Each set comes with 6 guns, so that’s 2 guns per figure and they hold them all well. They fit snug in the hands and there’s no problem with the fit for them.2016-01-17 17.41.49

These figures are cheap and cheerful, if I was a kid and I got these as a gift I’m pretty sure that they’d be a regular part of my play pattern. They’re generic, which in itself isn’t a bad thing, they can be good guys or bad guys, all up to preferences or needs at the time. But lets be honest, while they feel nice and solid, the plastic quality isn’t exactly first rate, it’s good, it does feel a little brittle so I’m going to take care with them. The look of the figures is pretty sharp, I love robots, so these are right up my ally. So much so, that I know the store has one set left which may get picked up tomorrow.2016-01-21 21.33.332016-01-21 21.35.302016-01-21 21.38.07

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2 Responses to Pop-A-Part Robots from Polyfect

  1. Tony says:

    I saw these at Family Dollar.They’re pretty damn cool.I remember ,years back,picking up a set like this,only more detailed from China town In NY city.To this day I still can’t find that set.They were made with vac metal,too.

    • Orniphus says:

      Thanks Tony. There are a bunch of different brands out there doing different styles and varieties of these. If these particular ones are at Family Dollar I may need to track one down and check them out.

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