Meanwhile in Mexico


Howdy folks, I’ve been out of action for a bit having moved to the States with my wife and our new baby. With all of that excitement I have loads to show you guys, both in terms of things I’ve picked up and things I’ve made. But for today I have something I spotted online in a KO group on Facebook I’m a member of.

The group can be visited here if you’re so inclined;
Universal Knockoff Koalition

Anyway it would appear that here in the States Wal-Mart has the corner on The Corps, this is true in Mexico too, but the selection in their market is quite broad in comparison to ours. Having reviewed some of the figures I’ve seen posted it seems they’ve mixed in some KOs from other brands.

The pictures posted below are the figures I really want from this line, though I know we won’t see them up here, but we have it alright really.

Lets start with one of the lines vehicles, it’s some sort of KO of the Turtle blimp, bad ass!


The first batch of figures are ones I really want to get my hands on, I know they could be made of plastic that is set to explode upon touch, but they look really cool, I’m sure I could make good use of them. The cost roughly $2.50 each, I’d drop that for them easily. Love them all, I’d take 2 of each one if I could

12342576_1019424174787272_2556014003528966950_n12295244_1019424311453925_2104430946149699364_n 12316060_1019424248120598_7716451652457748045_n12301675_1019424068120616_1870951709881428858_n12342361_1019424404787249_8163532236853812338_n12289619_1019424064787283_7746652075384145205_n12308433_1019424401453916_8352806503227970487_n12308268_1019423538120669_6352359757122833430_n12316130_1019423848120638_5554671786953065752_n

The figures below are also rans from what I could see, the ones that aren’t the typical Lanard Corps and I’m not bothered looking for, they range from okay to ehhh?
12342537_1019423568120666_4041354387783726685_n 12342427_1019423861453970_2785486172628405188_n 12341057_1019423888120634_4155300205005935850_n 12321108_1019423704787319_3885422963645572824_n 12316290_1019423634787326_7810973710053646430_n 12311298_1019423638120659_7275922599901759357_n 12308527_1019424021453954_8218535343375959424_n

So typically I’m with everyone else when it comes to KOs, I don’t usually want them, that is unless they look good and some of these guys certainly qualify. With some paint these could look amazing, even without work some of them look amazing. That said there are a couple there that look like they should stay on the shelf. Today I am jealous Mexico, so if you want to hook me up let me know lol.

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9 Responses to Meanwhile in Mexico

  1. John gaither says:

    Congrats on the big move and baby! And i love the looks of these figures and must have some now! lol.

    • Orniphus says:

      Thanks John, it’s been a whirlwind the past couple of months, but the shipping is righting itself now.
      I expect the quality on these figures is shocking, but the heart wants what it wants. It looks like an umbrella store line with a number of different ranges packed in it, as these don’t look like anything Lanard would put out.

  2. Tony says:

    Whoa!Back with a bang Derek!Those figs look great,by far more imaginative than the influx of military themed stuff we have out here.Lots of eye candy there.Great post!

  3. Tony says:

    BTW-Bulkarm for the win.

  4. JoelF says:

    Skruel is possibly the best thing I’ve seen all day. It’s been a slow day, however. Seriously, though, I love that design. Captain Fenix being a close second. Also loving the Roboticus head-sculpt.

    Meanwhile, in China…

    An image search for World Peacekeepers Ammobots will yield more results.

    …the only video review I’ve been able to find…

    …and the dubbed cartoon…

    • Orniphus says:

      They’re really nice, I’m trying to organise getting some picked up, they’re very plentiful there at the moment. That said I’ve found reviews online where the articulation is a bit rough. If I get them I’ll be posting them here, I love the designs.

      I love those World Peacekeepers, I managed to get one and I need to do a post about it. They’re really nice quality.

  5. JoelF says:

    I picked up some Peacekeepers from eBay. Including the troop carrier. Very cool!

    • Orniphus says:

      Awesome, do you have any pictures of these to check out? I’ve been very curious about the troop carrier. I know a few folks who would be very interested in seeing those. I’ve been tempted to pick up more of the figures as they are very well made.

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