Marvel Universe: Thanos

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Presenting Thanos the Mad Titan, obsessed with death, destroyer of worlds, genocidal maniac and all round nice guy. Thanos is one of Marvel’s big bads who for decades has been a recurring villain in Marvel’s Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy comic books, among others. Since his inception he has been central to several large scale stories that have pulled in the entire Marvel roster to put a stop to him. Parallels could be made to DCs Darkseid, and why not? He’s awesome too!


Hasbro brought us a Thanos as part of their Universe line, he’s built using mostly reused Hulk parts with new parts for hands, feet and head. He also comes with a newly sculpted belt/skirt thing and I’m not sure what to call the cold collar that runs over his shoulders and chest.

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One of the hands comes with the Infinity Gauntlet sculpted in, quite nice for the cosmic McGuffin that it is, though it’s a shame that it’s there in a sense as well, as he’s rarely lucky enough to be in possession of this game changer and spends his time mostly in pursuit of it.

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The head sculpt captures his likeness perfectly, he looks vexed, it’s a very good likeness.

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The figure is primarily blue and gold which has been nicely applied, with puple applied to his face for his skin. They did a fine job of adding depth to the skin and fabric of the figure with darker washes in the recesses giving him depth and lifting out the detail there. Hasbro also did a good job on the paint for the teeth and the infinity gems on his gauntlet to help complete the look.

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In terms of articulation he isn’t exactly a gem, he’s an earlier Universe release, so there’s no ankle rockers, just back and forth at the ankles, a rocker there would have been a big help in making standing poses more dynamic. The added collar has restricted his head movement a lot, he can turn his head side to side, but that’s it, if there is useful articulation under there, it’s usefulness is spent. The best unfortunately restricts already restricted legs making him harder to move in general. His arms move quite well, but sadly in general he is a bit of a brick. Ultimately I think it boils down to his proportions working against him, it’s always difficult to articulate such squat and solid looking characters, that’s the price of him looking so cool I guess.

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In the end Thanos is a nice looking figure, he’s not very articulated though, despite the fact the joints are there, he doesn’t seem to have the freedom to use them and stay standing. That’s not necessarily the worst thing ever as he’s not quite known for jumping around like Spiderman. I’m debating whether or not he’s quite big enough, maybe I should look for the 6″ one to go with my 3 3/4″ figures, he always seemed bigger in the comics, though that might push him way over the top into sillyville.

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2 Responses to Marvel Universe: Thanos

  1. Tony says:

    This guys a perfect 10 , D!

    • Orniphus says:

      Thanks Tony, I recently put together my Guardians figures from various lines and I needed Thanos for them to face off against. He’s a decent pick up, I’m glad to have a big figure that isn’t Hulk finally, but I wish he could move a bit better, I think that’s an issue for figures at this size though rather than an issue with him in particular.

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