Lost Planet 2: Vagabundo and Jungle Pirate by Toy Notch

2016-03-28 21.51.51 - CopyAloha, a word that means hello and goodbye, has absolutely nothing to do with this post, so let’s move on.Lost_Planet_Logo

Today we’re looking at 2 figures from the same line, Vagabundo and the Jungle Pirate made by Toy Notch. Now as I state every time I do a review of an action figure from a video game I have to preface the whole thing by stating clearly that I’m no gamer, I hadn’t heard of this game before I heard of these toys and as such I’ve no idea what I’m talking about, which if you have visited this site before should be abundantly obvious. From what I can gather Lost Planet is a video game franchise that encompasses 3 games. They were first person shooters published by Capcom portraying a world in the grasp of a new ice age. That’s it, want more on that go and check it out.2016-03-28 21.51.51

What caught my eye with these figures is their design, they have a definite post apocalyptic vibe going on and that’s always a winner for me. They are well sculpted and it’s obvious that a lot of care went into them, both come with cool looking backpacks and unique weapons which really set them off.2016-03-28 21.54.492016-03-28 21.55.10-22016-03-28 21.55.33 2016-03-28 21.55.19

Vagabundo is well sculpted with an amazing head sculpt, I mean check out that handsome iron faced noggin, complete with spikey mohawk, doesn’t get better than that. His baggy pants are pretty cool and his feet are crazy metal looking things. He has cool looking details sculpted into his torso that look like air tanks in case the air isn’t very breathable. His torso also comes with a cool tattoo on his chest. He’s like a desert dreadnok.2016-03-28 21.52.59 2016-03-28 21.53.18 2016-03-28 21.53.31-1 2016-03-28 21.53.44

The Jungle Pirate reminds me of Croc Master from GI Joe meets Gasman from the Corps finished with dreads. His torso has a interesting texture, it’s like he’s wearing a shirt with a chain mesh laid over it, it’s cool. He’s then got well sculpted legs ending in solid classic pair of boots.2016-02-24 10.49.49 2016-02-24 10.48.56 2016-03-28 21.48.41

The articulation on these guys is impressive matching that from Hasbro on a good day, these guys have no problem finding a decent pose.2015-07-27 20.14.05 2015-07-27 20.15.12

One mark against them is the material used for their hands, as has been said by a friend, are like jell-o, they are very soft. While the Jungle Pirate has no problem holding his shotgun, Vagabundo struggles to keep a grip on his bazooka. Their hand grips are open too wide to hold onto weapons from most other lines.2016-03-28 22.00.47

These are fun figures,  I would like more figures from the line. But at this point we’re about a year out from their initial release and I haven’t heard of any more plans for further figures, though they do have a super pricey but undeniably cool mech on the way. Maybe there will be more from them after that. They tick a box for me being that they’re blank slates to add to my collection. If they fixed the floppy hands I’d be really happy with them.

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4 Responses to Lost Planet 2: Vagabundo and Jungle Pirate by Toy Notch

  1. Tony says:

    It never ceases to amaze me,the amount of video game figures released and how cool their designs are.That one video game figure you sent me a while back,black and grey gorilla looking guy with the firearms, I still have It on display today.But much like you,I don’t do contemporary gaming so my knowledge on anything beyond the original XBOX (which I still game on today) is nil.

    • Orniphus says:

      I really like video game figures despite not playing them. They’re blank slates to work with. I still have my Crisis 2 figures, love their futuristic design.

  2. John Gaither says:

    I like these! I might have to hunt some down now.

    • Orniphus says:

      Do, they’re worth tracking down, but they’re pricey at about $20 a piece, so I won’t be getting them all. Though I’ve seen some sites with them on sale around the web.

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