Jada Toys Robocop 3.0

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While having been expectantly disappointed by the recent Robocop movie I couldn’t resist the opportunity to pick up a figure of this chap at the 4″ scale. I would have loved to get my hands on the 1.0 version as he is more visually interesting in my opinion he wasn’t available in the store when I saw this guy.

Alex Murphy is a man entombed in a law enforcement machine. Being just dead enough for OCP to rebuild him as the law enforcer of the future. They didn’t count on Alex’s unwavering moral code to overwrite his directives and give him autonomy, but he did and Old Detroit got a real hero.

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The figure itself has a very nice sculpt, it’s all there, nice detail all over the mold, complete with OCP badge on his chest. His styling has many more organic aspects than that of the original Robocop making him look a lot more contemporary. He is cast in a soft black plastic. One of his hands is open while the other is closed with a hole in it to place the gun, this causes the figure to be only able to hold the handgun in his right hand and the automatic pistol in his left hand. The weapons themselves are pretty nice but made of very soft plastic which he can have trouble gripping.

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Paint would be hard for this figure to get wrong, he’s mostly black with a couple of highlights here and there. While the mouth has been molded on the figure there is no paint to accent it which leaves his fleshy jaw appear as though there’s no pie hole. The red visor band on his helmet is very fetching. His right hand is also painted in flesh, they decided to keep it this time it seems.

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For articulation he’s verrrry limited, he can extend his arms from the shoulder out wide, but the elbow joint is very shallow and gives him limited movement, similar can be said for his legs, he’s a bit gummy at the hips, he can swing the forward but not out a great deal and like the elbows the knees don’t bend very deeply. The head is on a ball joint and has nice motion.

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Overall I think he’s ok at a stretch, it’s great to have the character at this size, he’ll go nicely with other figures from other franchises that I think will work together. But I do wish there had been better articulation on him to allow more dynamic poses, also a release of an old school Robocop from them would have been very welcome too. I don’t know Jada Toys for their action figures, this is the first one I have come across from them and it’s a decent effort. I’ll be watching out for them in future in case they venture into this market again.

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All of this leads me to wonder why are so many of the figures from movies produced today so dark, I’d certainly appreciate some more colour to make these more attractive.

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6 Responses to Jada Toys Robocop 3.0

  1. john gaither says:

    His not bad but i like the other version with the silver paint apps makes it look closer to the original.

    • Orniphus says:

      Agreed, the one with the silver paint is also a different sculpt, but he wasn’t in the store I found this one in. If I find a silver one I’ll definitely get it.

  2. hobgoblin238 says:

    I would make this guy some villain for Batman…

    • Orniphus says:

      That could work, sure with some additional pointy ears and a bat emblem on his chest he could be the bat himself. Or he could make a cool base for a Deadshot.

  3. Tony says:

    He is an awesome looking figure Derek!Very sleek.I wish I could digress and go after other toy lines but as of late I’ve tried to streamline my collection.This Is one that i’ll definitely be interested in when the time comes.

    • Orniphus says:

      He looks very well, but there is a definite lack of articulation, I wouldn’t mind if he were 5 POA, but what’s there is a little awkward. I collect anything at 4″ if I can get it at the right price. There aren’t any Joes or DC Multiverse or many Marvel Universe figures on the shelves so I take what I can get. If you do look for a Robocop figure I recommend looking for the other version of him.

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