Gi Joe Eco Warriors Toxo-Zombie

Cobra Commander, following from recent research I have come across some unexpected findings…


Our Sludge Vipers are escorting two Toxo-Vipers who have been “accidentely” exposed to a recent formula I created. While the expected outcome was slow and painful death, they remain active… somehow. Their families have been compensated with Arbco vouchers as per standard procedure.


The exposure has mutated them dramatically, their skin begins to rot and their organs shut down. Having lost their higher functions they maintain the ability to move.


Once these Toxo-Vipers were speciality troops working under the command of Cesspool. Now it seems that they are driven by instinct, mutated past the individuals that they once were.




These infected troops are easily contained in low numbers by armoured Sludge Vipers, but remove them and leave them in the company of a lone Neo Viper in standard field armour and we can see interesting results.


Driven by aggression, they can can survive being peppered with bullets and en masse they can overcome defenses and overwhelm targets… vouchers have also been issued to this man’s family, it’s all within budget, worry not.



The practical applications for this compound are very promising from my initial observations, whether the infected are Cobra or civilian the outcome we expect will be the same. This weapon could be used to neutralise our enemies from within.


Ahem, please forgive the very poor attempt at fiction above, just having some fun, I was in a funny mood when I dug out my Joes, the Toxo-Zombie is one of my favourite figures from the day-glo days of 90’s Joes. Picked up at a local dollar store several years ago they were fun and I’m glad I picked up a couple. The detail on the mould is awesome, the damaged helmet and troubled looking face all work to make this a great figure I love to have in my collection.

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4 Responses to Gi Joe Eco Warriors Toxo-Zombie

  1. actionfig says:

    I enjoyed that!I started to get a Resident Evil flashbacks lol!I stopped collecting Joes in ’88 but Hasbro kept pumping out product well after.Theres one figure from that era i’d love to add to the old collection and thats Predacon.I think he was from the Star Brigade line of Joes.

    • Orniphus says:

      You’re very kind man, it was fun to take the shots, but if I do it again I’ll not write and shoot on the fly again, might go for a little more production if I can manage it, we’ll see, it’s a whole time/effort equation that goes into getting it done hehe.
      Star Brigade are awesome, I’m that guy who loves the Armor-Tech bots, they might be a bit brickish, but I always thought they were cool and I would love a couple of the aliens that came from that line as well! For Aliens at that scale I’m watching the new Doctor Who line that is coming out, the Ice Warrior and Cyberman both look awesome!

  2. jboypacman says:

    Love this! Hope to hear and see more of this story.

    • Orniphus says:

      Thanks very much. I don’t know if there’ll be any more of this particular one, I just had some toys, a camera and a strange humour, though who knows what could happen 🙂

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