GI Joe 50th Anniversary: Iron Grenadier


Iron Grenadiers have been on the scene since 1988, a Destro specific army separate from Cobra proper. Though nowadays they seem to be an offshoot of the Cobra army. Their soldiers were seemingly better equipped than the standard Cobra troopers, armed with the cutting edge in high tech MARS armor and weaponry. Among Destro’s faction the Iron Grenadiers serve as basic infantry. Throughout the years their look and the nature of these troopers has changed somewhat with some core aesthetics remaining constant, with a variety of uniform redesigns. Today we look at Hasbro’s latest iteration of this army builder.

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Available in an army builder 2 pack with an Steel Brigade figure, this interpretation of the character comes in a heavily padded suit with an impressive amount of armor and weaponry. The sculpt is well detailed and layered thanks to the additional body and leg armor, the basic figure itself shares the same body and limbs as the Arctic Threat Destro which was a very cool figure. The head is the only real familiar element harking back to the original design. Beneath all of the armor there is a nice baggy uniform simulating a heavy padded suit very well showing some decent attention to detail on the part of the sculptor. I really enjoy the should armor he comes with. All geared up this figure has some serious heft and makes for an impressive piece. With this layered look in place it would be easy to add and remove pieces to make for a varied look if you pick up a couple of them.

2015-09-16 15.17.052015-09-16 15.18.56

Attention has been paid to the paint on this figure, he sports an urban camo design on his clothes and his armor pieces have been treated to a number of weathering effects, each piece getting treated, whether it be the dark touches to the chest armor, the drybrushing on the shoulder piece, or the paint wipe on the shin pads. While these effects are broad strokes which help to provide a weathered looking trooper, he also sports finer details with a helmet with a golden highlights applied carefully, bringing up the details on the mask, as well as numerous details on the suit throughout the figure. To complete the look he sports a nice large Cobra symbol on his chest. Unfortunately his guns have no paint on them, which is a shame considering the size and detail of his large machine gun.

2015-09-16 15.19.48

Movement is a little restricted owing to sculpt and accessories. With his large gun there really aren’t a lot of posing options available, but he does look good with that gun in hand, if a bit static, he can hold it in front of him and either stand or kneel. Without the huge machine gun in hand he moves quite well, his legs aren’t restricted, so he can get a good footing no problem, even with the armor pieces on top. Owing to the sculpt his arms are a bit limited in how far they will go up, but it’s nothing that can’t be forgiven. Other than that it’s pretty standard GI Joe fare, about as good as it gets for this scale.

2015-09-16 15.26.57 2015-09-16 15.22.23

In terms of accessories, he doesn’t come with a huge number, but what he does include is large and impressive, as mentioned there are the pieces of armor which can be removed and a large machine gun, to complete the gun he also includes an ammo belt, and backpack to feed it from, this can be mounted on his back, or on the gun directly, though I don’t have a picture of this here. It would have been nice if the gun could have been mounted to the figure directly for a more steady emplacement. For a bit of variety he also comes with a bayoneted rifle which he struggles to hold well, it’s fortunate that it has a foldable stock allowing him to hold it at all. Finally he includes a second backpack which I am struggling to understand it’s purpose, but in hindsight, if one pack can mount to the gun, it makes more sense to also have this second one, to serve as a counterweight if anything.

2015-09-16 15.27.11

I really enjoy this figure and am glad to have picked him up. His powerful look, intriguing faction and impressive sculpt make for a figure that looks well by itself, but will definitely look good in numbers.

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2 Responses to GI Joe 50th Anniversary: Iron Grenadier

  1. Tony says:

    He looks good,D.Hopefully I’ll be able to pick some 50th up before they leave store shelves.I doubt they’ll ever hit the clearance aisles.

    • Orniphus says:

      Thanks Tony, at retail price they’re actually worth the money, better value than a lot of what’s on the shelves at the moment from the bigger manufacturers, though not coming close to the value that Lanard provide with the Corps. I do believe some of the last wave of 50th did turn up in the clearance stores, not many, but some anyway if you want to hold out and see.

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