So I’m sat here trying to think of something to form what I would consider my first real post. Let this be a spot for fun and reflection.

Today I’d like to start somewhere, anywhere really and for now lets start with a hero, one of my own. He is the last son of Thomas and his world is not a kind one. The world tore itself apart and he was too young to understand why, his father gave his child up to brutal criminals to save him. They were masters of one of the last refuges of free man.

Access to this place was not barred, if you could pay the price. His home became known as the Pharoah’s Island, as you would have to be as rich as one to gain entry. This place, it’s origins unknown was under the control of the planets coldest criminals who sought originally to profit from the outbreak of turmoil.

20 years pass and the boy becomes a man, this refuge is the only home he knows, the last known free city. His people were once a gathering of the weak and the misfit, now they stand as one, galvanised in each others anger and hope.

This is the last son of Thomas and it’s time he took the world back.

Sorry for the above cheeeeesey yawnfest, but I wanted to put some sort of background to the drawings that follow. This character has been knocking around in my head for a long time and has gone nowhere really. I prefer the idea of him to actually doing a lot of work on his development. So below we have three drawings and I just want to show them off (and hopefully others in due course).

This was an exercise in how I could take a pencil picture I always liked and push it a little further with some digital ink. First we have the original, coloured in pencils. I like it a lot as it gets my thoughts out there and on paper that can be followed later.


Forgive the amateur nature (you’ll find all my stuff is amateur really hehe). At the time when I drew it I was very into it, but looking back it’s really incredibly rough. Then came the advent of GIMP and I am quite happy with the outcome.


This picture really let me turn up the resolution too.


I love how it came out, it strikes me as a decent action shot and considering my skill I am very surprised really. I used GIMP which a free photo editing tool and I must say I’m impressed by what it can do, I wish I knew how to do more with it, but trial and error will push me onward.

This character and the world he lives in is something that I don’t really know how I’d like to tell the story, I enjoy pictures, prose and toys, maybe a mix. A toy of this chap would be awesome, in fact  it’s actually something I have, but that’s for another day.

Thanks very much if you made it this far, we’ll have to see how often things get posted here.

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