Eggs Over Easy

Just when I learn how to order my eggs for breakfast it’s time to go home.

It’s always bittersweet to go home from a visit to the in-laws, as I love them very much and they are so good and supportive of my wife and myself. But the real world beckons and I have to get back to work as soon as possible to keep the bailiffs from the door. Whether it was going out for dinner, or bringing out the trash I am proud to be associated with this fine family that have been so kind as to welcome me so warmly into their lives. I’ll be forever grateful. Tom, Lynn, Jeremy, Jason and Ally, thank you all. And of course thanks to my lovely and understanding wife Jennifer who it seems has infinite patience, especially when I tell her we have to fit the haul below into our bags.

2015-04-09 21.03.38

That’s all well and good, of course, but this site is about the loot!!! I have to say that this trip has been one of the best in this regard, as prior to getting here I was like a sales ninja and found out as many sweet spots to put the hurtin on retail as possible, that in combination with my trade with Tony made for a great result. To make it all fit a little better I took everything out of package and ziplocked each one. I hope to go through some of this stuff over the next while once I land back home.

I really hope customs don’t give me a hard time in the airport lol.

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6 Responses to Eggs Over Easy

  1. hobgoblin238 says:


    • Orniphus says:

      Hah, no problem Hobby, as soon as I’m home and have had a chance to go through everything I’ll post a more detailed summary of the contents.

  2. Tony says:

    Man!That looks like a lot of goodies!

  3. John gaither says:

    Having a wonderful and supportive family is something you can never replace…love and treasure them my friend like i know you will.

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