DC Darkseid and Superman by Schleich


Schleich are a German toy manufacturer who do a broad range of mostly animal toys/statue, they do nice sculpts and paints, check out some of their animal models if you haven’t already, they’re pretty cool. They also do a line of Knights and fantasy types, but since January of this year they have started selling licensed DC heroes in 1:18 scale. I was delighted with the news as I wanted a nice Darkseid at that scale. I’m pretty exclusively only 4″ for my figures, I’ll go for an unarticulated statue in that scale rather than buy the larger scale version of the character. It’s helps to maintain some sort of order to the collection. I picked up the Darkseid/Superman 2 pack at a local dealer.

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They come in a nice open box clearly displaying the toys and are held in by twists at the base, you can really get your hands in there and feel their quality before buying, similar for the single packed figures as well. There’s a nice picture of the Justice league running on the side of the box. I’m honestly surprised there’s no cross sell or story on the back of the box, it looks very plain there, not complaining as I throw out most boxes, more that I’m not used to that with my Hasbro or Mattel figures.

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In action figure 2 packs as much as for DVD boxsets there’s always the weaker figure and this time round the merry go round it’s Superman. That’s not to say that he’s bad, he really isn’t, infact he looks rather well. My only issue is a tiny tiny red paint mark on his nose.

2015-02-01 12.27.23

It’s his pose that lets him down, that said no Superman figures can pull off this particular stance, but it’s rather limited to up up and away!

2015-02-01 13.06.21

Looking closely at the figure and it turns out to me that it’s one of the best sculpts at this scale I’ve seen, not that Mattel and DC Collectibles can seem to put together something that approaches it. It’s a crime this company doesn’t do articulation. There are a number of Superman toys that have a more neutral stance and I think’ll I’ll be going back for one that’ll look cool in a line up.

2015-02-01 12.24.45

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2015-02-01 12.25.11

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2015-02-01 12.25.04And here we have the main event, Darkseid himself and he is very striking looking. He’s dressed up in his New 52 duds. He was created in 2 parts, his head and his body, but there’s not even rotation at the neck. Really I would have preferred his classic costume, but there’s no mistaking him for any other character, he looks great. Every detail is sculpted into him with paint flawlessly applied all around the figure. His pose isn’t quite neutral, but reaching forward and gritting his teeth isn’t too bad, standing squarely in his place he looks in charge and ready. The sculpt is really nice on this, covered in textures for the costume materials and with cracks all over the armor pieces. He has a good presence to him and stands extremely well, he won’t be falling over.

2015-02-01 00.46.27

If you look at the earlier photos of Darkseid from behind you’ll see a red round dome to the back of his head, you’ll find that his head is light piped, it doesn’t glow very aggressively, but it’s quite nice, seems to be a bit of a glow around his teeth too, maybe it’s clear plastic as well with paint over it.

2015-02-01 12.27.45

2015-02-01 12.27.35

Both figures come with really nice bases which have had a healthy wash ran across them. Darkseids has a skull on display with a nice flat stand that he can neatly occupy a scene with, Supermans is much more animated as he seems to be busting the very ground he’s launching from, it’s fun and gives him needed height to pull of his pose. The figures are glued down to the bases, I’m tempted to try and take Darkseid off his, we’ll see about that.

2015-02-01 12.28.05

If you like nice things that aren’t especially action oriented in your figure selection then these are certainly worth a look for great sculpts of iconic characters, a good choice especially when the selection is so limited at this scale presently.  There is a pretty impressive wave coming out, with Batman, Superman, Flash and Green Lantern that I have seen thus far. It’s an absolute crime that they don’t do articulated toys, like really!

2015-02-01 13.08.39

2015-02-01 13.09.14

As I said these mini statues look great, have a great presence scaling well with 4″ figures and I’m glad to be able to add them to my small DC collection. I look forward to picking up 1 or 2 more. Though it does sting somewhat that there’s 0 articulation.

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8 Responses to DC Darkseid and Superman by Schleich

  1. John gaither says:

    Not crazy about the Superman but the Darkseid is all sorts of awesome.

  2. hobgoblin238 says:

    The sculpts are great but MAN does the new 52 suck! DC comics for me died in the eighties…

    • Orniphus says:

      New 52 is the current flavor, I’ve enjoyed a couple stories out of it. There’s lots to be read from the 80s alone. Comics are a whole lot different from how they were then. I’d have preferred an old school Darkseid, but it’ll do.

  3. Tony says:

    Darkseid Is such an awesome character.Im not big on kits and statues but I guess these would be cool In a Darkseid Diorama.It could be statue In his fortress 😉

    • Orniphus says:

      Maybe he’d have been better with his hands behind his back or with his arms down a bit more. I’m happy to have him stamp around with the other figures even though he’s static. Having him sitting down would also have been great.

  4. Supermann says:

    Schleich ist a German toy manufacturer, not French.

    • Orniphus says:

      Right you are! My mistake there, getting myself confused between them and Papo, I’ll have that edited right away. Thanks very much. They’re a great manufacturer, these are wonderful models and I’ve enjoyed their output for the past number of years.

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