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Be prepared, today we get a little bit rambley. You may understandably just want to skip the text and look at the poor drawings and poorly focused photographs.

Meet one of the Innocents, Wrath, a character I’ve developed over the years for a story/world in my head currently called “Pharaoh’s Island”. He is the son of sorts of a tragic character named Adam, who has lived for hundreds of years owing to poor choices made following the grief he felt when his wife and family were murdered by a tax collector.


Through means that I won’t reveal, because it would likely put you to sleep, Adam, titled “Techno Vamp” (I need a better name for him) created two “sons” for himself that he did not name. They were shielded from the world and experience serving as his guardians while he brooded for decades at a time after he had become tired of the world. The only thing the sons had ever known was love for Adam and each other.


This was until a race of immortals called the Chroniclers intruded on their isolation and brought about the death of one of the sons at the hands of Adam himself.


Driven by grief and rage the surviving brother took the name Wrath and left Adam, which in itself leads to a reckoning between the two many more years in the future.


There are lots of other twists and turns along the way, but that’s a very broad bit of background for context on the character.

So here are a few shots of a custom I made of him from a Avengers Falcon body with wings removed and a modified Snake-Eyes head. The sculpt on that figure is amazing and it’s articulation is stellar, forgive me for not going overboard on poses, I don’t want to chip the paint on him. I hope to do more over time, but as this is a labour of love they’ll be along as they come along.

2014-07-18 01.12.23 2014-07-18 01.13.05 2014-07-18 01.13.16

2014-07-18 16.17.282014-07-18 17.10.49 2014-07-18 16.30.41 2014-07-18 16.17.45 2014-07-18 15.59.29

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4 Responses to Custom: Wrath

  1. Tony says:

    These guys look geat,Derek!Your artwork Is far from poor,bro.

    • Orniphus says:

      Thanks Tony, I appreciate ye taking the time to look. I’ll have to do some more work as I haven’t picked up a pencil in some time now.

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