Custom Action Man: Dr X

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While the US enjoyed playing with 12″ GI Joes Hasbro UK and Europe never imported the figures straight into this market. What we were presented with instead was a extreme sports and adventure led hero by the name of Action Man. Originally released by Palitoy in the 70’s he was responsible for a number of innovations which Hasbro’s GI Joe benefited from such as the Kung Fu Grip and Eagle Eyes. This line died at the start of the 80’s to be later resurrected by Hasbro in the 90’s. But no hero is complete without a villain and Action Man was not without his share of these, primarily we had the terrible Dr. X a ruthless genius bent on world domination.

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Dr.X has only ever been available at the 1:6th scale so I took it upon myself to make one. He’s bits and bobs from a couple of different figures, see if you can identify all the parts. The most fun was modifying his head with the mohawk and monocle. It was pretty quick and rewarding custom to carry out.

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I’ve always enjoyed the Palitoy Action Force figures and stories, I always thought it a shame that they never went the 3 3/4″ route with it as well.

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He’s not complete without a bio of course;
X-51 was the 51st Dr Mindbender clone, the last in a long series of failures, like all before him he was disposed of, but lazily, his body was dumped from a Cobra lab and left prone in a sewer in Spain. Here X-51 was recovered by the Red Shadows who helped him to grow strong in a lab in London, Developing weapons they could use to combat Action Force, From this lab he rebuilt himself replacing weak underdeveloped limbs with robotic appendages of his own design making him into some kind of machine man. As a copy of the original he is imperfect and this includes his mind. X-51 is a copy of one of the most twisted and brilliant minds on the planet leaving him somewhat unpredictable when driven past a certain point.
Once he didn’t need the Shadows anymore he severed ties violently, donned the moniker Dr. X and moved onto act as a solo operative in Europe pursuing his own agenda. This has led him into conflict with his arch-nemesis Action Man.

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6 Responses to Custom Action Man: Dr X

  1. john gaither says:

    Just awesome! I love it.

  2. actionfig says:

    Are those Iron Man legs on a Joe torso?Great job on this one!BTW-Great bio 😉

    • Orniphus says:

      Thanks man, yup, those are legs from an Iron Man 2 figure, The Gi Joe legs were easy to take apart, but for the Iron Man ones you had to heat the leg and pop out the peg that goes through it with a screwdriver. There’s a hole and peg the right size to have the legs attach snuggly though the parts came from different lines.

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