Cobra Ninja: Future Ninja Fight In Space!!

So last night I sat up with a printer, some card and a couple figures. At the kitchen table with minimum I had a diorama set on my hands, it’s very rough, but was fun to put together and take some pictures of, this is one I quite like. An evening of entertainment ensued that was very enjoyable.


Here’s the rundown of the story that ensued;

Cobra ninjas stationed in space have repelled an attempted rescue of a person of interest by Sentinel-1. The boarding party held up in a room with their quarry, penned in from all sides until the ninjas slipped in. Everything melted into crossfire as they were first broken morally and then forced against one another. With the fall of the Sentinel-1 team everything came back into focus, the Red Ninja surveyed the room, nodding to his compatriot across this room of corpses. But the person of interest, he died in the gun fight, he was a prince, but not of Earthly origin, the void in space from his loss was felt instantly by all of his people. In an act of swift retribution an Imperial Justice agent materialises and sets the ships engines to overheat rapidly and then explode.

Mindless fun, cheers!


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3 Responses to Cobra Ninja: Future Ninja Fight In Space!!

  1. actionfig says:

    Nive!Where are those cyber samurai from?

  2. Orniphus says:

    Thanks man, the Red Ninja is from GI Joe Retaliation, I believe he’s a repaint of Stormshadow from Renegades. The Samurai at the front of the picture is the Silver Samurai from the recent Wolverine toy line, if you can forgive 5 points of articulation he’s pretty decent, but looks nothing like his character in the movie. The dude at the back is Kamen Rider Ryuki from a flop of a toy line they released in the US/Europe a few years ago, a nice enough figure, but with limited articulation as well.

  3. actionfig says:

    Yes!I’ve seen those Wolverine figs at Toys R Us.Love the packaging for them,but yeah they lack serious articulation.They might blend in well with the new 3 3/4 Avengers figures,though.

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