Custom: A buck fiddy!

2015-01-12 17.14.52

It’s amazing what you can get when spending very little. Now I’m not a big gaming person, so I don’t know a lot about this character from the Gears of War franchise, to my knowledge he’s a troop builder called a Beast Rider and that’s all I know.

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About 2 years ago Neca released 2 waves of 3 ¾” figures of their human characters with no aliens in the assortment to scrap with, I was a little bummed by that, if you’re going to do that you had best provide some opposition in the same scale or not bother. The figures were quite nice with big bulky sculpts making for intimidating figures.

2015-01-10 00.26.30

These KO toys are 3 ¾” released through the poundshops here in Ireland and in the UK and came in at €1.49 each, the selection included 3 humans and 3 aliens, I picked up multiples of a few different aliens as I’ve a box full of human figures with quality factory paint already. The figures out of the package have abysmal paint apps appearing to have been spit at the toy from across the room when being produced, but there’s a lot of detail to be found in the sculpt, so I wanted to bring it up as much as possible to create an opposing force for my small collection (2 figures) of GoW figures to battle on my shelf.

2015-01-10 00.26.46

First I started by muting all of that loud silver mess with a base primer coat and went from there, with all the confusing paint on him covered it was easy to pick out the details of the sculpt and using pictures online as a guide I was able to make gold out of garbage. I really like how he came out as I knew it would look good with some attention and I’ve no problem having this guy square off against any of the other figures I have in this collection now.

2015-01-11 12.03.04

I’m going to have to pick up just about every alien I see from this range from now on and get to painting up a small army of these alien figures. As far as I can tell and without very much in the way of research these appear to be scaled down versions of larger 6″ Neca figures released over the years.

2015-01-12 17.14.11

Let’s not get confused, this is a very simple and relatively quick bit of work, but I found the difference it makes to the desirability of the toy quite remarkable. The figures themselves don’t move very well, with 5 awkward POA which don’t allow them to sit, constructed of cheap plastic but they look ominous enough just standing there, holding together pretty well and can hold their weapons which range from awesome to goofy. I quite like these fellas and am glad I picked up a good handful, I just wish I had more of them now. I may have to do a run to the shops and buy up whatever they have left of them.

2015-01-12 17.15.05

Over the next few weeks I hope to have a few more painted up and ready for deployment.

2015-01-13 20.07.34

And most importantly, it only cost a buck fiddy! (Or just under $2 US)


Edit: and one becomes two…

2015-01-14 22.43.57

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12 Responses to Custom: A buck fiddy!

  1. hobgoblin238 says:

    Well that is a great score!

  2. John gaither says:

    Too cool for school! that’s a great price for something this nice.

  3. Tony says:

    Looks good,Derek!

  4. JoelF says:

    You’ve done some nice work here. What’s the name of the action figure line your generic aliens are from? Just curious, because I’m hoping I can find some here in the States.

    • Orniphus says:

      They’re from a dollar store/pound shop chain over here called Dealz/Poundland, distributed by a company who specialises in this kind of questionable product called Funtastic. So I’m pretty sure that they were only available on this side of the world. The line is called Power Warriors, Zombie Wars and they appear to be scaled down Gears of War figures.

      Here’s a picture of them in packaging I found on a forum;

      I haven’t seem them in stock in some time, but if you’d like I’ll keep an eye out with you in mind in future?

      • JoelF says:

        Apologies for taking so long to reply. I wonder if I could find those on ebay or some site like that?. Thanks for the information!

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