Custom Cobra Eco Warriors Forces

So we had a fine day and I had finished weeding and clearing the back of the house, so with the sun on my back I took advantage of the rare outdoor photo opportunity.

I present my team of Toxo-Viper environmental terrorists led by the crazed Toxolord Cesspool. As there are no Joes at retail round these parts and there have been none released to date homaging the Eco Warriors period, I have taken matters into my own hands and create my own spin of some of the characters that were in the range. The garish colours they were released with are fun and remind me that this is a toy line to be enjoyed for being just what it is. Bright, garish and unapologetic.




The team is composed of 4 figures so far. We have the Toxo-Chemist, The Sludge-Viper in extreme hazardous protective gear and Cesspool. Here we can see them testing out their new Sludge-Viper armour in the field to make sure there are no leaks, not that they’re concerned about the health of the troops, but those suits are expensive. The Septic Tank is the official one released at retail in the 90s.


The Toxo-Chemist is the brains behind the chemicals the Toxo-Vipers dispense, suited up in a light environmental armor with independent air supply, he is not as heavily protected as his teammates. After years of exposure his body has been corrupted by the chemicals he has been dealing in. The suit he wears serves to keep his body together rather than protect against exposure. The toy started out life originally as the Iron Man MkII armour to which the head from Mattel’s Bane was added. His colours are based on the Toxo-Viper version 2 mold. I would like to get some helmetted heads at some point to create actual Toxo Vipers.


The two Sludge Vipers are wearing heavily armoured body suits to protect them against the substances they are handling and provide them with enhanced strength and protection while in combat situations. These are the grunts, the rank and file that fill out the numbers of Cesspool’s forces. They are repainted from some Chap Mei space themed figures, coloured to match the classic Sludge-Viper. I would like to find more of these toys to repaint up, maybe another 2 or 3 to create a small combat unit. The bulk of their armour gives them an impressive presence when stood next to other figures in the same scale.


Finally we have Cesspool and he the commander of the chemical weapons division of Cobra, with an army of Toxo and Sludge Vipers at his beck and call. He’s hands off, so as not to do himself any more damage other than his facial scarring, leaving the dirty work to the troops under his command. He is repainted from a Captain America Movie Winter Soldier with a Wolverine head added, I’m not a huge fan of the head really, I have an Emperor Palpatine head that I imagine would be far more suitable, I’ll get around to making a swap at some point.

IMAG1724 IMAG1725 IMAG1726IMAG1732

Like many others, when I can’t find what it is I’m after I’ll make my own. This is just a handful that I made following the same theme. Ultimately I wish they would release Joes over here so I could just buy the damned things.

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4 Responses to Custom Cobra Eco Warriors Forces

    • Orniphus says:

      Cheers man, though to be honest the paint is kinda slopped onto them, but they serve their purpose, I’ll just put them to the back of the shelf where their amateur nature isn’t as obvious

  1. actionfig says:

    I just replied to Hobby about taking some outdoor pics of some action figures.I’ve never done it before and i’m looking forward to it.Backdrops don’t get any better than the real thing.

    • Orniphus says:

      Oh yeah, nothing beats natural light, though it can be trouble getting the shots focused with so much in the pictures, if you do bring your toys outside I look forward to seeing them.

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